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Rent a Scripter

Rent a Scripter

Do you want to have a customized script? Contact Us with your ideas and if is possible, our scripters will give you a quote for the work.

IMPORTANT: Customized scripts are only for Elitepalaces customers, if you are an Elitepalaces client, you can get help from our tech team if want to install an script or small modifications, this form is for new scripts only that are not part of our support work.

  • Name Name *
  • Type here the address of the palace where you want this script to be installed.

  • Must be between 20 and 1000 characters.   Currently Entered: 0 characters.

    Type here the description of what you want the script to do so our scripters can study it and see if can be done.

  • Do you want us to share your script? *
    Do you want us to share your script?

    If you want your script private or public have a different price for our scripters work, since if it is private it will be a one time payment only and if it is shared they can sell it to another users if someone ask for it.