Halloween Tour 2017!

Tour List, visit it from Oct 10 2017 9:00am CST till November 2nd!: Vote for your favorite between Oct 14th-Oct 27th!

We will check if the sign is added at your palace before adding it to the list.

Tour List!

This is the final list of palaces that will participate in our tour.

If you are a palace owner: You should have your tour ready but not visible yet, please open it on Oct 10th at 9:00CST.
If you are a tour visitor: Starting Oct 10th, you can click on the palace name to vist each palace in th tour. After Oct 14th. when you are finished you can then go to the "Votes Palace" to vote for your favorite tour.
Name Users Online
Start Chat Palace (Old tour, enjoy it again!) 56
1 ChatAmor 3
2 slave Myst 2
3 Siren' s Heart 1
4 Outrigger Island 0
5 .§Un§ë† På£å©ë. 6
6 Colors of Life 1
7 Chained Passion (Old tour, enjoy it again!) 0
8 Zona de Impacto 0
9 Dreamers Illusions (Old tour, enjoy it again!) 0
10 White Castle Of Treve 2
11 Ravens Paradise 5
12 Sin City (Old tour, enjoy it again!) 22
13 Port City of Brundisium OUT OF THE TOUR
14 Willouby 0
15 Builder's Enclave 0
16 Tarnsburg (Old tour, enjoy it again!) 1
17 Hammersgaard 4
18 Fairy Tail 1
19 Locura Magica 2
20 Paradise Lost 8
21 Coast 4
22 Resident €vil Wørld 4
23 Last Sanctuary™ 2


The winning palace will be able to select 1 prize from this list:

1st Place

  • 1 new palace on basic plan for 3 months
  • or 1 new radio shoutcast on basic48 plan for 3 months
  • or 1 free upgrade (if you are an elitepalaces client)
  • or 1 free month advertize (at welcome and chat palace)

The winning palace will be promoted at the palace portal main site and will be our featured palace (if is an elitepalaces client).

2nd and 3rd places
will be promoted at the palace portal

NOTE: if a staff palace wins, the prize will be duplicated for the second place.